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Beautiful color decorative wire mesh

In the past century, woven wire mesh has transformed from a basic manufacturing staple to a versatile material with endless creative applications. For example, decorative mesh is being used in innovative furniture, sculptures that complement gardens as well as home interiors, window screens that keep insects at bay, and infireplaces, and cabinetry.

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Material:  aluminum alloy, stainless steel 304 

  stainless steel 316, brass, copper, phosphor bronze ,

  low carbon steel etc

  Wire diameter: 1–2 mm

  80% customer choose 1.0mm,

  13% customer choose 0.8mm,

  5% customer choose 1.2mm.

  Aperture size: 4-10mm

  Open area: 40– 85%

  Weight: 4.2–6 kg/m2.

  (depending on material and size chosen)

  Coil length & mesh panelwidth:

  customized.(up to 11m*100m)

  Surface treatment: anodic oxidation and spray paint

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