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stainless steel metal Decorative Metal Mesh

Metal Mesh Curtain also named Metal coil drapery or Metal Chain Link curtain, widely used in interior and exterior decoration. It is a new and innovative decorative metal curtain, has the flexibility and gloss of metal wire and metal line. With excellent fluid sculpture and regular folding, meal coil drapery is just like a common curtain but not only a common curtain.

Available with changing colors, metal coil drapery can bring an endless imagination and great aesthetic appeal under the reflecting of the light.

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Specification :

Material: Steel , Stainless steel, Aluminum , Copper etc.

Wire diameter: 0.5 mm - 2 mm.

Aperture size: 3 mm - 20 mm.

Open area: 40% - 85%.

Finish: zinc coated, copper plated, metallic color spray, etc.

Color: original metallic color or spray into other colors.

Surface treatment :

Lacquer coating. Lacquer coating is cheaper than other surface treatment.

Anodic oxidation. It is better processing and looks better than the lacquer coating. But it is only for the aluminum alloy wire.

Acid washing. It is suitable for the stainless steel wire. After washing from acid, the metal coil drapery is very light..

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