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Customized Factory Designer Perforated Metal Mesh

Designer Perforated Metal Mesh also named decorative perforated metal. These decorative holes meet aesthetic, architectural and decorative needs: railings, fences, indoor decorative elements, radiator grilles...

Decorative Holes offer you design options with a wide array of hole shapes, gauges and materials in straight and staggered patterns.

The material: aluminum plate,  galvanized sheet, carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, copper plate and other materials Can be customized plate thickness 0.3-20mm, a variety of holes.

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The hole types: round, square, oval, plum, diamond, and various flower patterns Surface treatment: powder coating, anodizing, fluorocarbon spray, baking paint, etc.

Product Features:

Easy to process, can spray paint or polishing,

Easy to install, attractive appearance,

A variety of the thickness of the plate, a variety of selected aperture and arrangement,Good sound-absorbing effect, lighter weight, long service life.

Perforated Metal Product Characteristics & Advantages

 1. Light weight, good rigidity and high strength;

2. Good corrosion resistance;

3. Good technology;

4. Uniform coating and colors variety;

5. Not easy to defile, easy to clean and maintain;

6. Convenient installation and construction;

7. Recyclable and environmentally friendly.

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