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Construction Temporary Chain Link Fence Panels

Construction Temporary  fence also called portable fence & removable fence.Easy to handle;Sample,one-person installation;Easy transportation.It is widely used for Security,Construction,Crowd control and civil projects,etc.

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Anti -climb mesh infilled

360° hand weld between the vertical and horizontal pipe

Horizontal pipe ends crimped for increased strength

Above Industry Benchmark in thickness of galvanising

offer good corrosion-resistance, anti-aging property, 

acid and alkali resistance, smooth and neat surface and comfortable touch Easy setup and take down.   

Temporary fencing is perfect for temporary construction and security fencing,Like:

1.Commercial Uses                                    

2. School Board Portable site safety           

3. Site Security                                               

4. Crowd control/ Vendor Security               

5. Residential Construction Sites                  

6. Restoration and Fire Damaged Sites     

7. Special Events (Concerts, Festivals, Cultural, Parades and Sporting Events)    

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