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Factory Supply Anti Climb Fence

Anti climb fence is also called clear view fence, providing the highest degree of security with excellent see through visibility. Anti climb fence has toe and finger proof profile. With spacing specification of 75mm x 12.5mm, it is hard for adult fingers and toes to go through. It has exclusive thickness, anti-cutting materials and its framework is strongly resistant.

358 security fence is also called Anti Climb Fence or Prison Fence. 

The name of 358 fence is related to its specification. With the 3''×0.5'' mesh size, the wire diameter is BWG 8, that is 4mm.

This kind of fence is similar to the 3510 fence, the difference is that the wire dia of 3510 fence is BWG 10, that is 3.2mm. They are both the high security fence with high strength protection.

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1. Anti-climb: 75mm x 12.5mm small hole openings makes the fence virtually difficult to climb.

2. Anti-cut: the wire can't be cut by conventional tools, it's also depreciation resistant.

3. Clear view: easier for CCTV camera and servey team to see through.


Wire diameter: 4mm/BWG 8

Mesh size: 3''×0.5''/ 76.2mm×12.7mm

Mesh panel height: 2.0-2.5m

Mesh Panel width: 2.5-3.0m

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