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Factory anti climb 358 security fence

Cheap China Anti Climb 358 High Security Clearvu Wire Mesh Fence Panel Supplier .358 mesh – as known airport fence , prison fence , is a high security mesh system widely used on high security installations such as prisons and military sites. Its has small apertures making it extremely difficult to cut the wires and near impossible to climb.

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Material: Low carbon steel wire

Surface treatment:

1>Electric Galvanized Then PVC Coated

2>Electric Galvanized Then Powder Coated

3>Hot Dipped Galvanized Then PVC Coated

4>Hot Dipped Galvanized Then Powder Coated

Color: green; light blue ; black or customed;

Mesh Aperture: 76.2mm x 12.7mm (3'' x 0.5''); 25X75mm

Wire Dia.: 3mm; 4mm


Features:Anti-climb: More small openings, no toe or finger holds.

Anti-cut: robust wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult.

High-strength: the superior welding technique and process control create a stronger fusion between the wires.

Post type:The post type is main square post. The feet are combined with cement support with the rivet.

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