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Protection Fence Temporary Fence Farm Fence

Protection Fence Temporary Fence Farm Fence  has Economy, high quality, simple construction, standardization design. The necessity of setting up the security fence. Prevent PV power station system from being stole to prevent the destruction of children and animals. Necessary equipment for PV power station insurance.

Temporary fence is a self-supporting fence, which is suitable for temporary occasion such as construction site, festival, activity, gathering, game, etc. Mesh panels are connected by clamps and removable feet, which makes temporary fence easy to install and relocate.

Attribute (more critical attribute)

Material:High Quality Low Carbon Steel

Wire Diameter:3.0mm-5.0mm


Surface treatment :Hot-Dipped. Electric Galvanized

Plastic feet size:600mm*228mm*150mm

Pay more attention to the package for any transportation way !

1)there is a piece of plastic film,which can prevent the first piece of panel from destroyed by metal pallet. 

2)a metal pallet fixed at each corner of the panels,which can help the panels stay together and immovable. 

3)metal gaskets will protect the edge of panels. 

4)the wood panels on the panels will protect the last panel not to be de stroyed by other pallets.

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