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Decorative Metal Mesh for Interior Partition Spaces

We can weave high quality, distinctive architectural mesh that is perfectly tailored to your project needs. With a little background information on types of metal, wire diameter, pitch and crimping, you can easily communicate with us on exactly what you need to make your mesh installation work perfectly with the rest of your design. Whether you are looking for a simple or custom design, large or small, we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your next project!

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Metal decoration mesh is mostly used for the screen equipment of exhibition hall, hotel, luxury living room, high office building, luxury dance hall, business hall, large shopping center, sports center, etc. It has excellent decoration effect, together with a certain protective effect. Metal decoration mesh is used to build and decorate outdoor curtain wall. Because of its unique consolidation of metal materials, it can easily resist the attack of weather elements such as storms, and it is easy to maintain together. From the point of view of appreciation alone, metal mesh has the characteristics of silk fabric, giving people visual enjoyment, and is used as indoor house. When the roof or partition wall is built, the unique permeability and luster of the raw materials are given space and more aesthetic interest.   

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