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Chain Link Temporary Fence Panel

6' × 8' temporary chain link fence with a height of 6 ft and a width of 8 ft. Use high quality mild steel wire and galvanized tube as raw material, the infill mesh and frame pipe are tightly wrapped together by tension bars and tension bands. As a manufacture, there are three types of stable panel feet including square, oval and flat shapes for your optional. The finished temporary chain link fencing is strong enough and durable for all site-specific requirement, either uneven ground or sloping sites.

In addition, 6' × 8' temporary chain link fence with wire diameter of 11 gauge, 2" mesh opening, frame outside diameter of 1-1/4", plus the hot dipped galvanized surface treatment, its service life can be up to 10 years.

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Fence Feet

No need to dig holes or laying foundations. Only need to place the base on a flat surface. If necessary, there are two 19 mm diameter pin holes on the flat feet to peg the footing on the ground when the install completes. Besides, there are fixed sand bags for anchoring.

Adaptable to all site-specific requirement. With good regional adaptability, the ground is not required to be absolutely flat, neither cement or asphalt areas.

Stable enough. Technical staff will give a reliable advice of fencing feet size according to the panel dimensions.

Three different styles are available. We provide following three types of fence feet for your standard and special demand.

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