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Galvanized Cattle Fence Panel

Cattle panels are made from heavy duty galvanized steel tubes, which are welded together by vertical posts and horizontal rails to form a sturdy structure. A horse arena or pen can be formed with pieces of panels jointed with accessories. Cattle panels are easy to install and dismantle. They are widely used to enclose and protect horses in farmland, paddocks, arenas, rodeo, stables, etc.

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Cattle Fence Panel Advantages

1.Our livestock cattle panel meets Australia standard, and is very popular in the Australian market

2.the metal panels can be recycled.

3.the metal rails are hot dip galvanized before welding, thus has strong capability of anticorrosive.

4.we are a direct china factory and manufacturer, and can provide you with high quality and best prices.

5.we have more than 19 years exporting experience,and our products are in hot sale in australian markets,uropean countries, america markets etc.

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