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Gabion Box

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Product Details

Gabion Box Materials:

1) Galvanized Wire:about zinc coated,we can provide 50g-500g/㎡ to meet different country standard.

2) Galfan Wire:about Galfan,5% Al or 10%Al is available.

3) PVC Coated Wire:silver,black green etc.

Surface Treatment:

(1) Electro galvanized, zinc coating is Max. 10g/m2, with bad performance of anti-corrosion

(2) Hot-dip galvanized Zinc coating is Max. up to 300g/m2, with better performance of anti-corrosion

(3) Galan (zinc-aluminium alloy), including zinc-5% Al mixed rare earth alloy wire and Zinc-10% Al mixed rare earth alloy wire, the best performance of anti-corrosion.

(4) PVC coated, PVC coating is 1.0mm generally.

Diaphragm: 1 diaphragm every 1 meter is located in the direction of length of gabions.

Dimension: 2mx1mx1m, 3mx1mx1m, 4mx1mx1m, 2mx1mx0.5m, 4mx1mx0.5m,offer sizes as per clients' requirements.

Characteristic: economy, easily to be installed, A strong performance of withstanding natural damage, corrosion resistance, good permeability, stacked to save transportation cost.

china anping factory wholesale cheap price 2x2 galvanized welded wire mesh gabion basket box

Mesh Size: 

1. standard gabion box/gabion basket: size:2x1x1m

2. Reno mattress/gabion mattress: 4x2x0.3m, 6x2x0.3m

3. Gabion roll: 2x50m, 3x50m

4. Terrmesh gabion: 2x1x1x3m, 2x1x0.5x3m

5. Sack gabion: 1.8x0.6m(LxW) , 2.7x0.6m

Common size is 60*80mm, 80*100mm,100*120mm, 120*150mm,we can produce other allowed tolerance mesh size.

Wire tensile strength: not less than 38kg/m2, 380N/mm.

Gabion Boxes:
80x100 mm
100x120 mm
120x150 mm
Mesh Wire Dia.2.70 mmZinc coating: >260g/㎡
Edge Wire Dia.3.40 mmZinc coating: >275g/㎡
Tie Wire Dia.2.20 mmZinc coating: >240g/㎡
Mattress: 60x80 mmMesh Wire Dia.2.20 mmZinc coating: >240g/㎡
Edge Wire Dia.2.70 mmZinc coating: >260g/㎡
Tie Wire Dia.2.20 mmZinc coating: >240g/㎡
Special sizes are available.Mesh Wire Dia.2.00~4.00 mm
Edge Wire Dia.2.70~4.00 mm
Tie Wire Dia.2.00~2.20 mm

Our Advantages

Building facades, building and road edging outsourcing, courtyard fence and landscape modeling and so on.

Available shapes: round gabion and spiral gabion: decorative gabion for landscape and garden.

cube, rectangular (often do outsource the building's exterior and commercial buildings, but also can be used for landscape modeling )


1. To control and guide of water or flood

2. Spillway dam or diversion dam

3. Preventing of rockfall

4. Preventing soil erosion

5. Bridge protection

6. Strengthening structure of soil

7. Protection engineering of seaside area

china anping factory wholesale cheap price 2x2 galvanized welded wire mesh gabion basket box

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