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Decorative Metal Mesh

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Product Details

  Decorative Metal Mesh, widely used in interior and exterior decoration. It is a new and innovative decorative metal curtain, has the flexibility and gloss of metal wire and metal line. With excellent fluid sculpture and regular folding, meal coil drapery is just like a common curtain but not only a common curtain.

  Material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel 304 stainless steel 316, brass, copper, phosphor bronze , low carbon steel etc

  Wire diameter: 1mm–2 mm

  80% customer choose 1.0mm,

  13% customer choose 0.8mm,

  5% customer choose 1.2mm.

  Aperture size: 4-10mm

  Open area: 40– 85%

  Weight: 4.2–6 kg/m2. (depending on material and size chosen)

  Coil length & mesh panel width:11m*100m

  Surface treatment: anodic oxidation and spray painted etc.

Application :

  With versatility, variety of color, durability and flexibility, metal coil drapery provides a new decoration style for various functions and practical areas.

  Curtain: shower curtain, window curtain, door curtain, etc.

  Space divider: for home, office, restaurant, hotel, supermarket, etc.

  For decoration: light partitioning, ceilings, wall covering, display, etc.

  For protection: cladding, facade, enclosures, shades, etc.

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